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Criticality Dosimeter for measurement of high energy mixed neutron fields


The criticality dosimeter is used to measure the dose absorbed during a criticality accident. This type of accident is caused by an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction in a nuclear fuel.

The prevention of criticality risks requires special care to be taken in the monitoring of workers exposed to nuclear fissile material in places such as nuclear fuel manufacturing plants and reprocessing facilities.

In the event of an accident, the criticality dosimeter is used to measure neutron doses > 250 mSv – within a higher dose range as compared to NEUTRAK® detector.

Technical specifications

LANDAUER® criticality dosimeters – the best-in-class service on the market:

  • Compact and extremely robust detector
  • Ready to use dosimeter
  • Personal badge or not
  • Maintenance-free

The criticality dosimeter complements the use of other dosimeters (passive and electronic).

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