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Dosimetry monitoring

Dosimetry monitoring by LANDAUER

LANDAUER provides you with specific dosimetry monitoring suited to your activity.

By combining technology and services, we assist you in your daily dosimetry management:

  • a dedicated contact person who knows your subscription and your company
  • tools to facilitate management
  • radiation protection experts and dosimetry monitoring experts to answer your questions
  • support throughout your subscription

Discover our dosimetry monitoring services used by more than 160,000 people exposed to ionizing radiation in France and 2 million workers throughout the world.

Setting up your subscription

Our Customer Service advisors will offer you a subscription tailored to your activity:

  • choice of dosimeters
  • wearing frequency
  • organization of monitoring by site
  • selection of options

The subscription is flexible and can be modified through your Customer Service advisor

Landauer dosimetry service cycle

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Choice and personalization of dosimeters

Large choice of dosimeter for the radiation monitoring

LANDAUER provides you with a wide range of dosimetry monitoring solutions adapted to the radiation your workers are exposed to.

To make your choice easier, select your dosimeters and quickly view the areas where the dosimeters are worn and the types of radiation.

Your dosimeters are personalized. We provide you with stress-free dosimetry monitoring by means of a simple, personal and easy to read label. Shipping of the dosimeters are sorted by service.

Your Customer Portal: LANDAUER Direct®

LANDAUER provides you with a practical and comprehensive online tool for your dosimetry monitoring that is included in your subscription.

LANDAUER Direct is your secured Customer Portal, accessible at all times at It allows you to:

  • view your account at a glance
  • update your subscription
  • be automatically notified about events via email
  • view your doses in real-time
  • download your documents in PDF
  • stay up-to-date on a daily basis
online management of dosimetry monitoring

Shipping and Return of dosimeters

Sending of dosimeters

Our dosimeters are sent as tracked parcels to provide delivery guarantee and shipping tracking.

A control dosimeter specific to the type of dosimeter is included in the parcel, as recommended by regulations.

Data management

  • Processing and analysis

LANDAUER conducts the processing of dosimeters within 5 days of receipt. In accordance with existing regulations, all collected data is stored in secured databases. LANDAUER® +: Emergency analysis within two hours of receipt of the dosimeter.

  • Results reporting

An inspection report is sent to your occupational doctor within 5 days on average. All personal results are transmitted at the same time to the SISERI system (Information system for monitoring exposure to ionizing radiation). Different types of reports are also available: personal inspection report, high dose alert, dosimetric assessment, etc.

  • Storage

LANDAUER® +: Archiving of dosimeters for 3 months allowing for a review on request.

data management of dosimetry monitoring