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MONORING®: Comfort, hygiene and reliability in a single ring dosimeter


MONORING is a ring dosimeter providing you with optimum wearing comfort.

Made of shape memory polyethylene, it fits perfectly to the shape of your finger:

  • thin and lightweight so as not to interfere in your activities
  • with rounded edges enabling the use of gloves without the risk of tearing them
  • rugged to withstand daily wear

The only one-piece ring dosimeter on the market

To ensure easy cleaning and disinfection, the ring is one-piece, with no corner or gap.

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Technical specifications


MONORING  includes a TLD badge made of lithium fluoride.

The badge is placed in a cavity sealed ultrasonically with a lens. This process ensures a secure fit throughout the wear period.

The information engraved on the lens are revealed by laser, making it permanent.

Ring dosimeter with an easy identification


* ThermoLuminecent Dosimeter ou Dosimètre stimulé thermiquement

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  • its customer service team
  • its technical assistance for complex requests and management of high dose alerts

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