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TLD Technology, ThermoLuminescent Dosimeter

The material used by LANDAUER for this technology is lithium fluoride, LiF.

The measure of a luminescence

Pastille TLD insérée dans une MONOBAGUE

TLD dot on a MONORING®

Like the OSL, the ThermoLuminescence Dosimetry (TLD) technology is based on the principle of detecting light emission following stimulation of the irradiated material. For TLD, the stimulation is achieved by heating the dosimeter.

Unlike OSL, in which very little of the trapped charge is stimulated, thermally stimulating the material empties most of the rapped charge. They cannot generally be re-read with accuracy.

Many advantages

The LiF detectors are small and relatively tissue equivalent. LANDAUER uses them for measurements of extremity doses (eg MONORING®) and lens of eye dose (eg VISION®).