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Role of the control dosimeter

For all services, a control dosimeter depending on the type of dosimeter and wear period is included in each delivery. The control dosimeter is used to measure accidental radiation or anomalies on all dosimeters, outside wearing times and high-risk areas.

It is essential that control dosimeters are not worn or used.

In order to correctly identify control dosimeters and differentiate them from others, LANDAUER has created a distinctive label:

  • marked as ‘control”
  • pictogram according to badges
  • yellow background for all types of dosimeters.


They must be stored in a location free from radiation generated from your installations.

They are shipped and read in the same way as personal dosimeters. Their use alows to subtract doses due to the natural background or received during transport (for example, during X-ray scaning on logistics platforms, in ports and airports).

Control dosimeters should be returned to us together with the other dosimeters. In the absence of the control dosimeter when the parcel is returned to our laboratory, the control dose is calculated:

  • from dose history for the same service
  • in the absence of history, from the natural radioactivity dose known at the location where the dosimeters are likely to have been used.