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Create a participant

Do you need to set up dosimetric monitoring for a new arrival?

To create its profile, select the subdivision to which you will assign it.

Go to the menu on the left of your screen and select “Your mapping“.

  1. Create a participantClick on the subdivision to which to attach the new carrier
  2. At the top of the list of carriers appear the following buttons:
    – Add area monitoring
    – Add a visitor
    – Add a participant
    Click on ” Add a participant
  3. Enter all or part of the participant’s name.
  4. Click on ” Click here to add a new participant ” below the list of suggestions
  5. Fill in the fields (mandatory fields are indicated by an *)
  6. Save with the ” Validate ” button . The participant’s summary appears
  7. Click on the ” Add a service ” button at the bottom right of the new window
  8. Select the required service from the drop-down menu in the “Service’s code ” field. Set a starting date for wearing period.
  9. If you know the end date for this dosimetry service, fill in the field .
  10. Click on ” Save as