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Traveling with dosimeters

Customs inspection and security checks

Security checks in critical infrastructures (airports, railway stations, nuclear power stations, etc.) require luggage to be scanned. Our dosimeters will record the dose during the operation.

To avoid the dosimeter to record this dose, we recommend:

  • Do not put your personal dosimeter with your checked luggage. Keep it in your hand luggage
  • Have a control dosimeter and keep it with your personal dosimeter
  • Ask for a visual check to the staff in charge of security check avoiding your dosimeter to be exposed during the X-ray

To help the officer during the check, below a description of your dosimeter.

Dosimètre passif IPLUSWhat is a dosimeter?

A dosimeter is an instrument which measures the radiation dose received by a person exposed to ionizing radiation during his professional activity.
Wearing a dosimeter is a legal obligation for exposed workers.

Avoid your dosimeter to be scanned

During the X-ray scan, a dose will be recorded by the dosimeter.

The dose received by the worker may be consequently over estimated and his medical follow-up affected.


A dosimeter consists of several elements.
It is composed mainly of plastic components. Below, with a red background, are listed the components with metal parts.

Dosimètre passif - Vue détaillée

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