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Landauer dosimetry services

LANDAUER direct®: Manage your dosimetry online easily and by yourself!

Radiation Protection Experts (RPE) and occupational doctors: Access your subscription at all times and easily monitor the dosimetry of your exposed workers by yourself!

LANDAUER provides you with a user friendly and comprehensive Online Customer Portal along with your dosimetry monitoring subscription: LANDAUER direct can be accessed 24h/24, 7 days a week.


Benefits :

Landauer: Online dosimetry

View your account at a glance

  • Your subscription details
  • List of your exposed workers and number
  • List of your dosimeters and number

Update your subscription

  • Creation, deactivation and transfer of workers and subdivision
  • Assignment to visitor dosimeters
  • Data export via Excel®
bargraph of your dosimetry

Data presented as graphics

Dosimetry data on Excel

Excel data export®

Manage your dosimetric monitoring

  • Tracking of your dosimeters and their status
  • History of actions/events
  • Package tracking
  • Dosimetry report publication

View your doses in real-time*

  • Individual and area dosimeters
  • Results, totals, history, summaries
  • Access to online monitoring reports

* In accordance with applicable regulations and upon request of the occupational doctor.

Dosimetry reports

Generation of automatic dosimetry reports

doses over 12 months

Visualization of doses over 12 months

Download your documents in PDF

  • Collective and individual dosimetry reports
  • Invoices
  • Delivery slips

Stay up-to-date on a daily basis

  • ‘High dose’ alert
  • ‘Pending dosimeters’ alert
  • Summary of subscription modification
Configuration of radiation protection alerts

Configuration of email alerts (un-returned dosimeters, high dose,…)

Download PDF dose reports

Download all records on PDF format (dose reports, invoice,…)

Receive your access code in 3 clicks!

  1. Connect to
  2. Click on ‘Demandez vos codes d’accès’
  3. Fill in the form and confirm.

Your access request is confirmed by email. Your access codes are sent confidentially to your administrator’s account.